Mosul Iraq - Current Mission

Front-line Medical - Gunshot Wound


Mosul Iraq - Current Mission

Front-line Medical


Mosul Iraq - Current Mission

Front-line Medical


Mosul Iraq - Current Mission

Front-line Medical


Nepal Global Health Clinic - Current Mission

Annapurna Neuro Hospital in Kathmandu


Kenya Global Health Clinic - Current Mission


Nepal Earthquake Relief:

Chabahil, Kathmandu, and the Lele and Jiwanpur regions


Kurdistan Refugee Camp

Emergency Medical Clinic


Nepal Water and Sanitation

In partnership from H2OpenDoors, and Helping Hands International of Kathmandu


Syrian Refugee Relief

Amman, Jordan


Syrian Refugee Relief along the Border

Amman, Jordan


Aftermath of Typhoon Haiyan


Lifesaving Aid in Lesbos

Syrian refugees in Lesbos, Greece


Mobile Earthquake Relief Site, Nepal:

Chabahil, Kathmandu, and the Lele and Jiwanpur regions


Global Outreach Doctors is a humanitarian organization of dedicated medical professionals providing international healthcare.

Our medical team responds immediately to worldwide disasters in Africa, Asia, North, South, and Central Americas and the Middle East. We deploy canine search & rescue assets to enhance our success in locating survivors quickly.

Deployment along the Syrian Border

Our mission deployed in the Syrian refugee camps just over the border in Jordan. The largest has over 100,000 people, mostly children. Along with our partner on the ground, we treated over 1000 people a day. These refugees are fleeing some of the most atrocious conditions and many have not made it. We need your support to make these medical trips happen.

Photos by Maranie Rae and Jeremy Oversier.

Nepal Water and Sanitation

GoDocs deployed in July 2016 to bring large scale self-sustaining solar powered water purification equipment to remote areas of Nepal. With donations and partnership from H2OpenDoors, and Helping Hands International, our team was able to provide 6000 gallons a day of fresh water as well as sanitation instruction to two remote villages.

Thank you for supporting Global Outreach Doctors and helping us respond and provide urgent lifesaving help.

Photos by Malek Abu Grara

Global Outreach Doctors has been providing urgent lifesaving support to our refugee friends in refugee camps and on the island of Lesbos, off the coast of Turkey.

Initial Global Outreach Doctors team arrived in Lesbos in mid-November 2015. Catherine Ireland, Kelly McConnell Hora, Andrew Lustig, Debbie Hardin, Katrina Milne, Hani Adi

Our first day included helping refugee babies, children and adults to shore from over-crowded boats. We treated hypothermia, shock and offered acute care.

Nepal Earthquake Relief:

Our team landed a few days after the April 25, 2015 7.8 earthquake. We sent an initial team of 9 medical/SAR staff and 3 canines (now 22 team members, including 3 MDs, 1 HoM doc). We partnered with long time friends, Helping Hands Hospital in Chabahil and new partner, Global Karuna.

Our medical team provided care for approximately 100 patients a day, most in areas that had not received much medical care in the past. We treated patients with head injuries, lacerations, bacterial/viral infections, fractures, muscle/skeletal injuries, gastrointestinal issues and emotional trauma from losing love ones.

GoDocs delivered food to the rural regions of Lele and Jiwanpur. Our food truck carried 1000 pounds of food and our team divided this into 10 pound bags to serve almost 100 families. We’ve also worked in Katmandu and the Chabahil regions. Our canine SAR has conducted several searches, some requested in rural regions and other more comprehensive searches in the hardest hit Bhaktapur regions. These searches tended to be within collapsed buildings and other rubble piles. Along the way we provided intel to the Canadian military DART team on areas of high need.

   Photos by Mike Morse

We have no paid staff members.
We are completely funded by your donations.

If you are interested in helping, please see volunteer page, fill in the form and we’ll contact you.

So please, consider the following:

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Why another medical humanitarian organization?

There’s one physician for every 20,000 people in parts of Africa alone.

Underserved areas need more medical providers: surgeons, doctors, nurses, paramedics, eastern practitioners and mental health professionals. There are stark disparities in health care, and health outcomes around the world.

Unlike other organizations, Global Outreach Doctors provides both allopathic and integrative health practitioners to offer more treatment options for the populations we serve. Our team includes medical doctors, nurses, paramedics, naturopaths, homeopaths, acupuncturists and psychologists.

We provide global health medical services in developing countries affected by famine, infant mortality and chronic health issues. GoDocs envisions improving health care and health outcomes by building local capacity and improving health care delivery in all under-served, disadvantaged populations worldwide.

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