Photos by Mike Morse.

Global Outreach Doctors was started by it’s founder/president, Andrew Lustig.

With it’s first mission in Nepal for the massive 7.8 earthquake on April 25, 2015, the complexity of this first endeavor was enormous. GoDocs sent an initial team of 9 medical and Search & Rescue staff with 3 canines within only 64 hours of the disaster. The team eventually grew to 22 team members in 3 vehicles including one with a 1000 pounds of food.
Offering both allopathic and integrative medical providers along with search and rescue services by both canine and drones, GoDoc’s position in the NGO landscape is unique. The early vision for the org was to offer a host of complimentary services with seamless integration. GoDocs envisioned offering high need patients with the most healthcare choices and rescue services by a single organization.
Over it’s short history GoDocs grew to include critical partners and a global team member base of almost 400 volunteers. Long term GoDoc’s goal has always been to place medical providers in multi year positions in regions the organization serves. These doctors and nurses will in part be teachers training a local base of medical providers to create a sustainable healthcare model. After a  carefully planned exit, the NGO will provide remote supervision.
Though both a Naturopathic doctor and a EMT/I, from the beginning Andrew expected his main role within GoDocs to empower a highly skilled team of medical providers and others with the resources and organizational structure to serve those less fortunate. As the Board chair, Andrew engages with a diverse and accomplished  board of directors to make critical and long term decisions advancing the NGO forward into the future. He will often however refer to himself as a “travel agent placing smart doctors and nurses on planes going to not so comfortable places.”