Our Missions

Global Outreach Doctors provides both allopathic and integrative complimentary medical practitioners in developing countries affected by famine, infant mortality and chronic health issues.

With one physician for every 20,000 patients in Africa alone, the Global Outreach Doctors team—which includes medical doctors, nurses, paramedics, naturopaths, homeopaths, acupuncturists and psychologists — is an important addition to other significant international relief agencies.

GoDocs Missions

Humanitarian Response: Ukraine

Turkey Earthquake Relief

COVID-19 Response: NYC/Chicago

Democratic Republic of Congo / Gender Based Violence

Mosul, Iraq


Hurricane Relief


Kenya Medical Support

Ethiopia Assessment Mission: Simien Mountains

Rohingya Refugee Crisis


Nepal Earthquake Relief


Nepal Clean Water Project


Syrian Border Mission

Mosul, Iraq

Refugee Boat Crisis

Lesvos, Greece

GoDocs/Navy USNS Comfort hospital ship/Venezuela Refugees


Hurricane Florence Relief