Brett Velicovich is one of the world’s leading UAV (unmanned aerial vehicle or drone) experts and leads Global Outreach Doctor’s UAV 20 member team as UAV Manager. GoDoc’s drone technology is used in the field to support deployed medical response and canine SAR in the following areas: thermal imaging SAR; GIS mapping and live video feeds. Brett brings with him a wealth of knowledge in the use of UAVs for humanitarian purposes as well as subject matter expertise in conflict regions worldwide. Previously serving with the U.S. military, his international experience includes work in the Middle East and Africa including Somalia, Iraq, Afghanistan, Mauritania, and Burkina Faso. After leaving military service in 2010, he earned a Masters in Business Administration (MBA) from Duke University’s Fuqua School of Business and participated in international residencies in China, India, Russia, UK, and the UAE. Since then, Brett has worked to promote UAV technology for efforts focused on humanitarian aid and using drones for good. Accompanying Brett as another lead UAV partner in this endeavor is his wife Joyce Velicovich, BA, a seasoned business executive and Chief Operating Officer of Expert Drones, a prominent consumer drone firm in the U.S. Brett and Joyce’s worldwide experience with UAV technology serves Global Outreach Doctor’s mission to provide a sustainable and multi-faceted solution to disaster recovery efforts.