Erik McLaughlin, MD, MPH, is an adept public health strategist specializing in assembling and spearheading multidisciplinary teams to tackle pressing healthcare challenges, particularly in resource-limited and austere environments. With a rich history of program development across six continents, Erik excels in bridging the realms of acute and primary care, ensuring cohesive medical responses during humanitarian crises.
His distinguished career spans service as a trusted consultant for various governmental, diplomatic, and intelligence entities alongside notable NGOs and private sectors. His collaborative ethos is instrumental in fostering alliances among diverse groups, driving clinical and systemic advancements forward.

Erik’s dual training in Family and Emergency Medicine, coupled with his MPH from Tulane University School of Medicine with a concentration in Global Health, lays a solid foundation for his endeavors. Further bolstering his international expertise is a Diploma in Clinical Tropical Medicine and a Fellowship in Rural and Remote Medicine from Australia.

Multilingual in English, Spanish, French, and Greek with ongoing studies in Arabic, Erik’s linguistic prowess enhances his global outreach efforts. Beyond his professional pursuits, he cherishes trail running, yoga, and quality time with his family.