On February 24th 2022, Russia invaded Ukraine. Reports declared it the largest conventional warfare operation in Europe since WW II. Global Outreach Doctors has been on the ground since the beginning.

GoDocs is coordinating with local/national government officials, Ukraine based NGOs and other actors to provide emergent medical transport with eleven ambulances from the UK and Khaled El Mayet.

The GoDoc medical team is also working long tireless shifts in southern Ukraine near Mariupol at a trauma stabilization point for the severely wounded (95 patients a day). Daily significant injuries include; arterial bleeds; bi-lateral amputations; GSWs; severe head trauma; compound fx’s; full thickness burns; penetrating blast injuries/shrapnel wounds; and unfortunately a fair amount of black tags.

GoDocs has delivered an initial $300,000 in financial aid to select Ukraine hospitals thanks to a generous grantor.

The World is one in support of the Ukraine people. Help us help Ukraine.

Photos © Jordan Campbell, Maranie Staab and Aaron Mindel for Global Outreach Doctors