Ivonne Cameron is the CEO of ISE International and is also President of Think Outside The Box LLC, providing strategic global health, business development and consulting services domestically and internationally. Ms. Cameron has also served as the President and CEO Hepatitis Foundation International. During her career, Ivonne was also the Co-Founder and Board Chair for the Third Millennium Health COOP of DC, a $92M health insurance company headquartered in Washington, DC. Ivonne has extensive experience as a social entrepreneur, corporate relations, business and program development and in health care process improvement including health and public policy. During her career, she has secured well over $550 million in funding for programs, projects, special events and launched corporate advisory boards. She is also a capital agent that connects businesses to funding.

As an entrepreneur, Ms. Cameron has launched thirteen viable companies across different industries that range from health care, energy, real estate, insurance and consumer products nationally and globally. She consults with business owners from startups, to global companies from concept through launch and throughout operations and beyond. With a keen interest in philanthropy, Ivonne also started her family’s non-profit foundation, ISE Foundation International in 2015 that focuses on education, poverty eradication, disaster response and child welfare issues.

She has served as an Assistant Professor in the Allied Health Sciences Department at Howard University. With considerable experience in domestic and public policy, she was a Fellow with the Harvard University Policy Institute and has consulted on Capitol Hill in Washington, DC as a Senior Policy Fellow. During her career, she has also held the position of Associate Executive Director with the National Medical Association, a physician member association. Ivonne has also worked with countries seeking strategic solutions including Great Britain, Bosnia/Herzegovina, Republic of Georgia, Kenya, Liberia and Dubai implementing health care programs and system improvement initiatives. Ivonne has spoken at over 60 national conferences, meetings, appeared on local radio programs, and been featured in news specials and documentaries. She has appeared on major news outlets like addressing a broad range of health and social issues. Ms. Cameron’s audiences have ranged from global government officials, US federal agencies, Congress, business leaders, think tanks and small group meetings. Ivonne has written extensive articles, issue briefs, reports and other publications. Her work has been published in peer-reviewed journals both in the U.S. and internationally. As an Executive Committee Member of the Initiative for Vital Health Report on Global Health, she served as one of the contributing authors for the Global Opinions on Global Health report issued by the Brussels Parliament. She was also a contributing author for the landmark report, “Racism in Medicine,” presented to Congress that lead to Unequal Treatment issued by the Institutes of Medicine. Her book collaboration “Transition to Transformation” will be released in the last quarter of 2018. Ms. Cameron is a nationally registered prevention professional. Her academic background includes a Bachelor of Science Degree in Business Administration/Spanish Studies and a Master’s Degree in Public Health Administration. Ivonne has completed Certifications as a Prevention Professional, Project Management, and a Non-Profit Executive, Rutgers Business School. Ms. Cameron was accepted to Harvard University School of Public Health for Women Executives in Health Care: Positioning for the Future, 2016.