Dr. Jennifer Dawson is a clinical psychologist (MA/PhD Clinical Psychology) in private practice in Sydney, Australia who also works internationally several months a year in large-scale disaster zones. She completed her doctoral thesis “When Fear Remains” investigating the diverse impact (positive and negative) of large-scale disasters on the individual and community at Macquarie University, Sydney. She has also completed courses in refugee trauma and social impact at Harvard and Penn University, USA. As a result of the outcomes of her PhD, Jennifer developed the Ecological Trauma Model which addresses the individual, community and the environment in which they live. She co-founded and is CEO of the not-for-profit organization TraumAid International (TAI) through which training and interventions based on the Trauma Model are developed and delivered in partnership with the local community. Over the past twelve years Jennifer has partnered with child soldiers, military, police, schools, rape and torture victims, rural villages, spiritual communities and displaced people groups across Central Africa, Middle East and Asia-Pacific to mitigate individual and community trauma, break the cycle of violence and transform and rebuild their communities positively through culturally relevant, self sustainable, locally owned interventions. In her private practice in Sydney Jennifer also works with trauma victims often with the help of a therapy dog.