Laurie Hofmann is a seasoned chief executive, board chair, visionary, and strategic advisor who has successfully led large-scale strategic, collaborative, and global development organizations and initiatives for leading functional, integrative, and root-cause medicine professional education and training organizations, health care systems, entrepreneurs, and industry leaders.  Laurie served for 20 years as a director, vice chair, chief executive officer, and board chairwoman for the Institute for Functional Medicine, the global leader in functional medicine with 150,000 practitioners from 96 countries. Laurie’s 30-year track record of accomplishments in personalized public health and wellness, functional medicine, personalized nutrition, science-based natural medicine, process and strategic planning, and complex dialogue facilitation have served to advance and significantly expand the awareness, reach, and adoption of personalized, systems-based approaches to health and medicine. Laurie’s strategic advisory roles include: functional medicine, personalized nutrition, health coaching, community and public health, natural products, consumer health and wellness programs, and digital remote tracking devices and technologies. Laurie is currently a partner in OvationLab, the premier expert consulting agency for health care innovators, early-stage and start-up ventures, market leaders, health professions education organizations, and health systems who are developing new products, services, technologies, and delivery channels to play a significant, high-impact role in the dynamic and rapidly growing personalized/functional/integrative health market.