Philip Van Benthem serves as the GoDocs country director for Ukraine, leading strategy and operations in support of the humanitarian mission of rescuing injured soldiers and civilians from the frontlines of Russia’s invasion. He has been a paramedic since 2004, specializing in hostile, remote, and austere medicine, and has a masters in international relations from Johns Hopkins University. Philip has experience operating in challenging environments, including Antarctica, Iraq, and Syria where he developed triage programs in war-torn hospitals, emergency response plans with the United Nations chemical weapons mission, and CASEVAC preparedness, training and implementation. Most recently, Philip led a team of medical professionals in the East of Ukraine, performing treatment and evacuation of wounded soldiers and civilians.

Philip’s unique and extensive experience does not stop at his medical background. As a lifelong adventurer, he has ridden motorcycles solo across North America, Europe, and Africa. He’s an avid skier and pilot. Philip is also an avid sailor, and in 2017, he rowed a 9-meter boat across the Atlantic Ocean in 45 days for charity as the first carbon neutral expedition of its kind.