Bob Arnot, MD, internal medicine, is a journalist, author, former board member for Save the Children, UN High Commission for Refugees (USA), Artists for Peace and Justice, former medical correspondent for Dateline NBC, Today, NBC Nightly News and CBS News. He provides information technology at Google, Apple, NBC News, MSNBC, Winter Olympic Games, HIMSS. Bob was host, guest expert and commentator for AL Jazeera and Fox News as an Ebola expert. He was also featured in Vanity Fair as a war correspondent in Iraq. Bob also worked for the US Ski Team to establish the first testing protocols for Nordic Ski racers and tested a wide range of athletes for MVO2 and anaerobic threshold.
As a humanitarian and journalist, he’s worked in Afghanistan, Kuwait, Iraq, Kenya, Rwanda, Syria Leone, the Tsunami in Indonesia and the war in Kosovo, as well as in South Sudan and Congo.