After moving to Jordan on a Boren scholarship and prior on a Fulbright scholarship, Coco Tang conducted academic research on ISIS and Syrian refugees. Coco began volunteering as a medic at refugee camps and since then has worked around the world including: public outreach initiatives in Sierra Leone during the height of the Ebola crisis in 2014; Nepal earthquake response in 2015; humanitarian aid during Haiti government shutdown in 2016; and in Syrian refugee camps in Greece. She has led assessment missions in Ethiopia and the Democratic Republic of Congo. Coco served for 6 months in Kandahar Afghanistan as a medic. In the US, she was deployed in San Diego and NYC on COVID19 responses.

She’s also worked in Ghana where she helped train local ER staff in improving their emergency care practices and developed working relations between volunteer organizations and local hospitals. In 2017 she taught emergency medical skills to rescue workers in Myanmar, and also provided medical service to Iraqi Special Forces in their battles to retake Mosul and Tel Afar from ISIS. Coco has also worked on the Russia-Ukraine border supporting an organization that monitors the Minsk ceasefire agreement between the two countries.

Aside from medicine, Coco holds an MBA from George Washington University as well as an MA in International Security from Georgetown University. She applies those degrees at her day job working as a management consultant for Deloitte helping government find unique solutions to their challenges in organization and talent structures.