In her role with GoDocs Sumya provides operational direction for the GoDocs Democratic Republic of Congo mental health team. Our mission along with our in country partners supports women and girls affected by Sexual Gender Based Violence.

Dr. Sumya received her medical degree from the United Arab Emirates (UAE). She was the recipient of the “most student contribution with academic distinction” award for her work on the council executive board. She was an active member of the “Emirates Medical Students Society” (EMSS), UAE’s official national medical organization of the “International Federation of Medical Students Association” (IFMSA). Dr. Sumya is fluent in Bengali and Hindi and has traveled the Balkans, the Middle East, North Africa and South Asia including UAE, Jordan, Egypt, Oman, India, Bangladesh and Macedonia.

Sumya served as a local officer, senior consultant and program supervisor of the “Standing Committee on Medical Education” (SCOME), an EMSS subcommittee. Some of her work included: working with medical schools to establish student representation in curriculum development, implementing introductory Arabic & Hindi/Urdu language workshops to provide clinical year students the opportunity to improve their patient communication skills and setting up off campus opportunities for students to practice organized structured clinical examinations (OSCE).

Her most notable work was the creation of the “I am an IMG” medical conference. The conference focused on educating medical students on the post graduate training application process in UAE and 7 other countries. It received regional recognition from other medical organizations and had the highest turnout of any EMSS run event.

Sumya represented the UAE at the IFMSA Eastern Mediterranean Region (EMR) conferences in Jordan and Egypt. Internationally, she was on the organizing task force at the IFMSA general assembly in Macedonia and the 2015 annual “Association of Medical Education in Europe” (AMEE) conference held in Scotland. Upon receiving her certification to be a medical education workshop trainer, she delivered several workshops and conducted a certification training course for students in Oman.