Dr. Gabrielle Steinberg is GoDoc’s lead acupuncturist and a DOM/Licensed acupuncturist in Vancouver, Canada. She has been working in the field of health and wellness for almost 20 years.

Her passion is in helping patients live optimal healthy lives through comprehensive holistic treatments and self care/lifestyle improvements and education.

Dr. Gabrielle is the owner and manager of Harmony Wellness Centre in Vancouver, where she treats ages, from young babies to the elderly.
In addition to her private practice, she deploys on international aid missions to offer humanitarian acupuncture. Most recently Dr. Gabrielle worked in Lesvos, Greece and on the Syria border in Jordan to assist refugees fleeing war, violence and poverty. Working in refugee camps and rehabilitation centres for war wounded patients, Dr. Gabrielle provided treatments for both physical and psychological traumas. She continues working with refugees in Vancouver with free/ by donation treatments.